Monday, February 4, 2013

Vigan To Pagudpud (La Paz Sand Dunes)

     We had spent two days in Vigan and were ready to hit the beach again so off we went north along the coastal road. I had read about some massive sand dunes we would be passing through which was a must do for us. The directions were vauge at first but after a couple hours on the road we found them.
      As we pulled up over the hill where you could first see the ocean and seemingly endless dunes the wind started blowing at about 50mph and we were now in the middle of a full on sand storm. Large grains of sand pelted us in the face like little missiles but we did not care as we were just excited to be there and see this new landscape.

     We aired down our tires for better flotation and slipped and slid through the sand. We came to a large hill, Bryce hit it first trying to get enough speed. As he neared the top he went into a wheelie and then did a full 180 and was now facing back down the hill. It looked like he meant to do it but he most defiantly did not.

    Once at the top we were greeted with an amazing view of the ocean and surrounding dunes. The beach and dunes literally went as far as you could see.

    As we explored more I noticed I had got a flat front tire!  This is not a welcome sight way out here. Hopefully it is just a leak so I try to pump it back up.

   The tire seems to be holding air so back into the dunes we go, once you get away from the ocean the sand gets extremely soft and deep. Our poor bikes are kept at redline just trying to gain ground.

   You really need a more powerful bike for this kind of riding so we decide to head back and get the tires properly fixed before we are really stranded out here. Find a little vulcanizing shack back towards town and through semi successful body language get the tire off and the guy goes to work on the tube. What they do here for flats is melt another piece of rubber over the hole in the tube with pressure and a small oil fire over the tube in this strange contraption. I have never seen anything like this and was skeptical at first but it worked great!

    With the bikes back in business northward we went to Pagudpud. As we neared our destination the terrain changed drastically from arid desert to lush and tropical, I felt like I was in Hawaii again.

We arrived right at sunset and this beach is incredible! White sand, clear water and completely empty.

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  1. great post man, i am living in the city u passed by at the most north part of the sand Dunes called laoag city in ilocos norte province.i wish i knew u guys were coming, i would show u around all these cool places i know, next time message me on fb.