Thursday, January 24, 2013

100 Islands

     I chartered a boat for 10am to take us out to the islands and things got interesting quickly. The boat was hand made from scrap wood and had an extremely loud motor which sounded like it was from a 1920 ford model T with no muffler. As we are nearing the first small island which looked absolutely beautiful there was a loud bang and the motor came to a stop. Uh oh that is not good. The captain surveyed the damage and found the motor mounts (which was a old tire) had broke and the motor fell to the bottom of the boat breaking the driveshaft, we were dead in the water with no other boats around or form of communication. Oh well we got a cooler full of beer and its a beautiful day out. We crack some beers and then jump in the water and swim the boat into shore.

      Another boat ends up coming along later and tows us about 10 minutes to another larger island where they tell us to wait there and they will be back with a new boat.

      This island had giant clams off the shore I had heard of so we jumped in with the snorkels. I was surprised with how big they were. I'm not sure if these are only indigenous to Philippines but they were huge, about 4 feet across and all sorts of neon colors. If you touched the sides they would snap closed very quickly which got me thinking that if you got your hand or foot caught in there you would probably drown!

     We walked to the top of the island up a steep trail which gave way to a incredible view over the islands, it was truly picture perfect in every way, wow what an awesome place in the world this is.

      The boat came back and took us all around the small islands which seemed to have just popped up out of nowhere and were scattered randomly. We stopped on another picturesque beach and climbed up the side which led to a huge underground cave that went into the ocean. It looked a lot like the cenotes in the Yucatan of Mexico but sea water instead of fresh. We jumped in about 10 feet off the rock and swam through the cave into the ocean.

After a few more stops we headed back to the mainland and ended the day with a massage. Great day!

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  1. So fun to read your words and picture your wonderful adventure. Sending best from Mendo to all of you guys, and thinking perhaps one of you will kiss our boy for us! Travel safe.