Thursday, January 24, 2013

Dagupan (Day of Disaster)

     Up at the crack of dawn to load up the bikes and we backtrack the way we came the other day to go around the bay and north up the coast. About 2 hours in I see a trail off the road that looks like it leads to the beach so we take a sharp left down the sandy trail. This was our first time off road on the trip so it felt really good. As we reached the beach I looked out and the sand went as far as you could see in either direction, it was huge!

      CJ took off in front and we had a ton of fun riding through the water and exploring the beach with no idea where we were going.

      CJ was going much faster than us and just as I started to get worried he was pushing the limit to hard his front tire dug into a soft spot and he flipped end over end in a huge explosion of sand at full speed 4th gear. It was very scary to watch and I was sure he would be hurt. I ran over to him where he was sitting next to his bike with a shocked look on his face.

      He got up and did and initial body check to make sure all his parts were there. He seemed to be OK but had hit his head pretty hard and his adrenaline was pumping at maximum capacity. I was very relived he seemed alright, the bike on the other hand was thrashed. The headlight and taillight were both broke and the front brake lever and master cylinder were ripped off the bike.

      Like a trusty Honda the bike started right back up and we rode slowly this time down the beach to a small shack to further assess the damage. As we were looking over CJ and the bike a local lady came up to us and asked if we wanted some food and water. She cooked us up an amazing whole fish with rice which was delicious. As the shock from the accident subsided I looked around and realized we were in absolute paradise! Some young kids came up to us acting giddy and excited and we hung out with them for a while playing around the bikes. They saw all our moto gear which I'm sure they had not seen before and started trying it on, we got some great pictures with them.

      Ok now we have some damage control to do, we need to find a new master cylinder which is not going to be easy. We ride into town and start asking around for a Honda dealership. Eventually we are pointed to a moto shop in the city proper which we end up finding and they have all the parts we need in stock, its a miracle!

     Its getting late in the day so we get a room down by the beach with a incredibly friendly woman who runs the place. We head down to the water to watch the sunset and get some dinner which was really good. Since the accident CJ has been acting kind of  spacing out and his personality just seems off which are symptoms of a concussion. This really concerns me as he hit his head during the crash so we need to keep a close eye on him.

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  1. wow great adventures huh, i am living here in ph now, i wish i knew u guys were coming so that i can show u around. homer in ph